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30 Years of History

For the last three decades, Daniele Banco has been offering the highest level of excellence in its services, with integrity and transparency.

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Personalized Products & Services for your Business

Trust and commitment to understand the needs of your business.

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Management of Investment Funds

We are the partner for your company to generate more results and reach further.

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Over 30 years of experience

Daniele Banco is focused on corporate development, offering agile and bureaucratized credit solutions to meet the needs of your business.

Our main commitment is to maintain ethics in each of the processes, always working in an intelligent way and ensuring that all the best decisions, for the development and growth of our clients, are taken.


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Products & services designed for your company

  • Simple Collection (Trust)
  • Direct Collection (Preprinted)
  • Credit Right / Contracts with Perfect Latch
  • Prepaid Duplicates / Checks
  • Anticipations of P.A.C - BNDES
  • CCB Working Capital
  • Structured Operations
  • Prediction
  • Commissary / Simple Domicile
  • Anchor / Agreement / Confirm / Production Chain
  • M.P. (Promotion of Raw Material)

More than 100 highly trained professionals

Customized products and services

Consolidated group and reference in the segment

Ethics and credibility in all operations

Why choose the Daniele Bank?

  • Partner in developing your business
  • Smart partnership for 30 years
  • Transparent relationship
  • Decision power with the board of directors
  • Direct contact with shareholders
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