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The Daniele Bank wants to be your business partner. Our goal is to grow your company and offer financial solutions that are perfect for the profile of your business. With innovation and commitment, our team is always ready for the appreciation of its capital.

Simple Collection (Trust)

Efficient billing service.

Direct Collection (Preprinted)

Discount of duplicates with tickets already issued and sent by the customer.

Credit Right / Contracts with Perfect Latch

Discount of duplicate issued without a ticket, paid via deposit in checking account with withdrawal.

Prepaid Duplicates / Checks

Discount of duplicates issued with a payment term of more than 10 days referring to products or services. In the event of being 10 days the minimum allowed there will be a penalty in the rate.

Anticipations of P.A.C - BNDES

Anticipation of the credit approval instrument that advances the payment of purchases of goods financed through BNDES - FINAME.

Working Capital CCB - Bank Credit Note

Working capital can be guaranteed with assets. Real estate financial investments, in the case of property will be assessed the installment of collateral on receivables / duplicates. In the event that the transaction is a 100% guarantee per duplicate, it will be done registration by agreement.

Structured Operations - Sale & Leaseback

These are structured long-term operations to finance working capital with guarantees for more receivables.


People who have filed a lawsuit against the Public Authorities and have gained the release date, however, depend on the publication and calendar of the Public Authorities.

Commissary / Simple Domicile

They are withdrawn that they do not allow their credit to be negotiated with third parties. Inhibits the issue of the bank slip. The value of the settlement of the ticket is made to the account of the transferor, where it transfers on the day of payment.

Anchor / Agreement / Confirm / Production Chain

Agreement entered into with companies called "Anchors" to enable fomenting operations with their suppliers of goods or services, preserving continuity of supply.

M.P. (Raw Material Development) - Direct Payment to the Supplier (Home)

Anticipation of resources for the purchase of raw materials and goods production inputs, which will have their sales invoices / bills assigned to credit rights (assigned to the fund for development payments). Can not be paid with TED only with duplicates.


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